My all time favorite scarf.

The Isa Scarf, from India.  Truly one of my favorite things that I have had in the shop.

I sold these in the shop a few years ago and I could barely keep them in stock.  Then my supplier said that they were no longer available and so I bought all that she had left.  When they were gone I still had customers come in to ask if I would be getting more, and I always had to say no.

Now two years later I have gotten my hands on 10 that were hiding in a warehouse.  Yay!  Use as a scarf, shawl, sarong, tablecloth, baby blanket, picnic blanket....whatever you want. I even use them as my front seat covers in my truck!  I keep another in my bag all summer long, so I am always prepared on a chilly night or inside somewhere when the air conditioning is too chilly.

I am so happy to have these back in the shop, and now online.  When they are gone, they are gone for good.  Don't snooze and lose, grab one while you can.

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