The new shop is OPEN!

We are open!  

We opened at the new Tivoli space on Thursday and I am thrilled!  I am super happy with how it all came together, and super thankful for all of the people that worked so hard to get it ready for me.

We had a little opening party on Thursday night, hosted by Hotel Tivoli and The Corner. Amazing little bites and wine and there were so many people from the community that came out to wish us well.  I am blown away but such support! I wish that you all could come visit!  For those of you that live far away, I promise to keep adding new things to the website and trying to create a mini tivoli mercantile online.       

The new shop is filled with lovely windows and this morning the sun is shining bright and it feels like Spring (almost...since it is still pretty brisk) and that just makes me happy!    

Happy Spring everyone! xx


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